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Hunan Yingfei Industrial Co.,ltd is a Chinese construction equipment supplier whose goal is to provide superior equipment and services in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We now offer a wide range of products, including our crawler bulldozer, motor grader, wheel loader, road roller, truck crane, cargo truck, dump truck, aerial work platform, and more.

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    1. QY50K-II Truck Crane
    2. QY50K-II Truck Crane The innovative jib system of the truck crane uses an embedded block, plug-in boom head and international advanced U section jib, which has excellent lifting performance and safe and reliable lifting work.
    1. Skid Steer Loader
    2. Skid Steer LoaderThe hydraulic tank, fuel tank, and chassis of the skid steer loader are integrated as one, making it sturdier and space saving.
      The skid steer loader uses a world-famous Yanmar engine and Rexroth hydraulic parts
    1. XS142/182J Single Drum Road Roller
    2. XS142/182J Single Drum Road RollerThe unique drum structure of the single drum road roller features good rigidity and intensity. The bearing uses short cylindrical bearing, featuring high rotary speed limit and strong bearing capacity.
    1. Crawler Excavator
    2. Crawler ExcavatorAs a crawler excavator supplier from China, we have organized the best exporting group who are manufacturer as XCMG, and diesel engine maker as Shangchai, Shanghai diesel engine manufacturer, and our company to take the role of marketing and international trader.
    1. ZL50G Wheel Loader
    2. ZL50G Wheel LoaderThe bucket teeth use the structure of toothholder and sleeve. The cutting blade and bucket edge of the wheel loader are equipped with a protection device, featuring excellent abrasion resistance and shock resistance.
    1. SD23 Crawler Bulldozer
    2. SD23 Crawler BulldozerEquipped with a hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology and an advanced structure, which provides reliable performance and convenient and flexible operation, the SD32 crawler bulldozer is the ideal medium size construction machine for earth moving projects.
    1. Motor Grader
    2. Motor GraderThe GR series of motor grader are used in the operation of road surface leveling, ditch digging, slope leveling, bulldozing, scarification and snow removal on roads, airports and farmlands. The motor grader is the necessary construction machinery for defense construction, mine construction, urban and rural road construction...
    1. Concrete Pump Truck
    2. Concrete Pump TruckThe adopted S type change valve and new center pumping system of the concrete pump truck feature higher efficiency, longer service life and more convenient maintenance.
      Keep the inclination of the optimized hopper in the best position and us the automatic rotation device which could keep the hopper from blocking by the stone.
    1. Tractor Truck
    2. Tractor TruckTractor truck is playing the role of tractive unit, or towing vehicle to tow the trailer which is as the container tractor truck, or heavy trailers. As a XCMG authorized dealer, we can use the XCMG's advantages of fabricating heavy equipments to offer high quality tractor truck.
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